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A home theater is a combination of two types of media, video and audio. On the video of a home theater typically includes a large screen HDTV or a DVD or HD DVD player. The audio side, this system has a special receiver that is capable of decoding formats such as Dolby Digital and THX, and special guests each positioned carefully.

If the home theater should be able to recreate the magic offilm, several speakers are needed. In a normal home audio system until we have a receiver and two speakers. But in the home theater will have more speakers.

The most common configuration for the best home theater setup is 5.1 with the right front channel, left front channel, a center channel, a channel that covers the left surround speakers and a front left channel. There is another low-frequency channel that supports a subwoofer.

The left frontspeaker is very important and working with music. Both left and right front channels are sold in pairs and are very powerful. The sound of two speakers is always due to the dynamic range. As the front left, right speaker is capable of handling a wide range of signals.

The center speaker is usually located under or above the TV. It consists of a single speaker, whose role is the management of mid-rangesound, and maintain a dialogue on the forehead. Usually rectangular in shape.

Channel surround speakers is a set of two speakers located behind the viewer, or attached to brackets on the wall. The purpose of this forum is to give viewers a sense of the source environment.

The subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room. A subwoofer can add to the pleasure of creation of very low frequencies, since it plays an important role in the explosions, car enginesound, etc.

Now there are four types of systems, home theater speakers. Home Cinema is the most common box. Usually includes 5 speakers and a separate subwoofer. Such speakers are very easy to configure. They are configured similar to each other to ensure that the sound is balanced and clear.

The second type of speaker home theater satellite speakers are generally small in size that are guaranteed to produce accurate sound. This type of speakerideal for smaller rooms. As the home theater box from most DVD players.

speakers custom home theater is very popular because of the high-end components. Such speakers are very expensive and you have to spend thousands of individual speakers.

system speakers home theater computers is an emerging field that is gaining popularity because of the interest to watch movies or video downloads on computers. The price of thesespeakers is quite affordable.

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