Wireless Charger for HTC Powermat EVO 4G: Unpacking and general

More information: is.gd Powermat is an innovative accessory for smartphones, allowing them to wirelessly charge. This is done through a variety of drums and a receiver custom door (inductive load). It is super comfortable, because all you have to do is simply place the phone on the carpet and will immediately begin to load. The carpet also has lights on the bottom corners and a brief audio signal to let you know that you are connected. The lights are off when the battery reaches 100% of the state. LearnMore information about Powermat and the price of the product SmartKeitai.com: is.gd follow us: twitter.com Subscribe to our channel: youtube.com visit: Please smartkeitai.com this video, thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. We are encouraged to make more great content.

Thanks To - TX-8555 VSX-01TXH Onkyo HT-S3200

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