SONY SW77 award of a backup capacitor

Replacing a bad capacitor in a shortwave receiver SONY ICF-SW77. A video shows the kidnapping of a surface mount electrolytic capacitors withdrawal of the plastic base and legs in top plates welded to eliminate leaks cleaning waste. Because these receptors capsules age lose their ability to do their work address and may soon leave, flight or just open. This causes the radio to lose function or injury to the reception. Sometimes this failure may cause damage to the components! This station has aA total of 23 electrolytic caps are surface mounted and are of different values. Most of the time that some are bad and the rest is fine. Can I replace just as some may fail after the new limits in place. Most of the covers that are not in the audio circuit and DC / DC converter. Elimination is not easy in most cases the old city is surface mount. elimination of the moving part works fine, but the remaining legs and base of plastic must be removed. The board must be cleaned of electrolyteElectronic clean alcohol or buffer. Replacement covers can be surface mount and radial lead, because they are easier to work. The space can be considered for election.

Thanks To - Pioneer Elite VSX-03TXH Receiver Sony STR-DG820 Sony STR-DH700 AV Receiver

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