Sony XAV-60 Review

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If you attended CES in Las Vegas, most likely you've seen the new Sony in-dash receiver. The Sony XAV-60 has everything you need to convert your car to an entertainment center audio / video .

The Sony XAV-60 is a double DIN receiver features a 6.1 inch touch screen for image quality and maximum control. With this device you can have your entire digital music in your car thanks to the USB 1-Wire skillfully. The1 USB cable allows you to control and charge their portable digital music is something that we do not offer many receivers. The XAV-60 is capable of playing DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and more.

When it comes to sound quality, the Sony XAV-60 is capable of producing 52 watts peak and 17 watts RMS, which can propel the car speakers with ease. This device also comes with a 7-band equalizer that can control and adjust the sound for maximum sound experience. IfLike most enthusiasts who like to customize the sound system in your car, are the pre-outs to be very useful to get a clean and powerful when we engage an external amplifier.

The Sony XAV-60 can be easily extended to provide more features like iPod control and satellite radio. By buying the iPod adapter (RC200IPV), you can access your iPod A / V files. To do this, simply connect the iPod to the unit via the adapter cable. SonyXAV-60 can be integrated with options auctions to satellite radio and HD. If you have a very good car or truck and want to add a backup camera, you can do by buying the Sony XA-800C, which saves your car easy.

Replacing the factory head unit might be a good idea if you plan to add more features and functionality of your vehicle. The new XAV-60 2010 Sony chief is introduced to improve and expand the capabilities of your vehicle, ensuring a better quality soundquality and other advanced features factory units will not be able to offer. This unit comes with a 1 year warranty and CEA-2006 compliant. Despite all these features, the price of this style is between 500 to 400 dollars, which is considered very affordable for the average consumer.

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