Eliminate this terrible hum of home theater speakers

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You've all heard that dreaded 60Hz hum through the home theater speaker system or home audio. I hope you hear in the house of a friend and not yours. The unit is completely crazy. You may have even tried, unsuccessfully, to resolve the problem with low noise. This may be even crazier. What causes that horrendous noise in the speakers?

Often, humming through the speakers is caused by a problem of grounding. There are three main landproblems that cause problems in a video / audio. These are the ground loops, improper grounding and lack of land altogether. Other potential culprits that can cause noise are bad cables, a defective equipment or electrical noise of a dimmer or electric motor. There are steps you can take to solve the noise and you eliminate the theater.

The first step is to find where you are coming from. Unplug the unit power and displayon your receiver or processor. If the noise stops, connect to the receiver or processor at a time until the noise again. When noise becomes, where the noise is entering your system. Note that if you connect the remote computer, such as running the signal from your DVD player to television drama in the room, your chances of picking up noise increase dramatically. With these long runs, the noise can be induced in the long cablegoes from adjacent cables. It is also easy to create a ground loop because the computer is connected to two separate outputs widely separated in different circuits.

If the noise is caused by a cable box, the noise is probably caused by the field of cable television. To test this theory, unplug the power cable to the rear entrance of the cable box or TV while being connected to the rest of the system. If the noise is removed by disconnecting the cable TVthe problem is the cable stock. You can electrically separate the power cable from your system with a processor to break the ground. They are available from many sources. Note that many of the new, digital cable TV requires no device in the signal chain to pass a full 1000 MHz. Some of the largest processors in the ground will not break. Remember to check the specifications of any device you buy will go to ensure that the digital cable TV.

Ifthe noise of the projector, a TV or monitor, the more likely is caused by the video display device is plugged into an outlet different from the other team v /. Maybe in a different circuit. These circuits may have two different ground potentials. In other words, the earth resistance is different in each circuit. A difference in the resistance to earth ground point to another can cause the dreaded ground loop. If you get a ground loop, current flows betweentwo components. If the current flows through the audio components of the internal signal ground, you get a buzz.

You can use an isolation transformer, similar to types used for the problems of cable TV ground, to eliminate the electrical connection from one component to another. These transformers are inserted inline with the audio signal connection between the two components. If there is no audio connection between components, the problem may be commonthrough the video. In this case, a video isolation transformer should be used to eliminate the ground loop.

Sometimes power conditioners will stop noise problems by placing the material in different outlets, isolated electrically. This is done by using isolation transformers. Sometimes it's not effective, however, due to differences in internal construction of the power conditioning equipment different. Certain safety standards such as UL 1950 specifies that the insulationtransformer is only allowed to isolate the son and the neutral ground wire must be passed straight through. If this is the case, the problem of ground loop may still exist, because the communication channels are connected to the conductor to earth and not neutral. In this case, the isolation transformer or any air conditioner or the power supply with an isolation transformer will have absolutely no effect on the problem of land.

Noise can be generated on the outside, a controller orrefrigerator compressor, for example, and enter through the main entrance to power of video and audio equipment. In this case, a power conditioner, high quality can be effective to reduce or eliminate the noise problem. You can also find one of the interconnecting cables in the signal system is defective. This can also cause noise problems. Check this by exchanging the cables that we know is good.

You can solve the most noise in your home theater orMulti-room audio video system / approach by adopting a systematic, step by step. His work in the signal chain, the removal of each computer on the fly. If you have nothing connected to the speakers except the speaker wiring, and the buzz continues, the problem is the noise induced in the speaker wiring of power cables nearby. Apart from this, most problems are caused by problems of land which can be found, and solve, if you take one step at a time.

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