DUAL XDV-8125 Review - Affordable In-dash CD player with 2.5 "LCD screen and built-in TV tuner

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This part of the first double entry in the district in late 2004 and is still widely sold today. It is essentially a conventional CD player with AM / FM, but unlike any other player, the front has a 2.5 "LCD screen lets you play audio and video, if the TV tuner (yes, you read that a TV tuner) or an external audio / video.


The first thing I like about this piece DUALis the elegant design. You do not have a single front-panel design Din classic and has a large button on the left side, which is great because I like being able to turn a knob to adjust volume and other functions instead of pressing buttons.

The display is at the center and slightly angled inward, which is great for protecting the screen, save it from accidental damage and scratches. I also like that the unit has 3 sets of RCA audio outputs, allowingfor the four speakers and a subwoofer if you have one, 2 sets of RCA audio input / output video and video. All this means you can add video and audio sources to the receiver and the expansion of video production to another drive. You could, for example, to connect game consoles or other portable players to support this unit and to show the video on 2.5-inch LCD monitor.

Affordability andthe simplicity of the DUAL XDV-8125 is first off, like the cherry on the whipped cream. Prices range from $ 100 - $ 190, of course, depending on where you get it. If you can get a good deal of about $ 100, I'd say you should take. You will not have a dash 2.5 "monitor with a TV tuner like this.


There are features missing from this unit. While I believe that simplicity is the key in the design, the lack of DVD playback can be of great concern to many. However, I do not thinkwatching DVDs with a screen of 2.5 "is very nice to enjoy anyway, it is unlikely that this is a hoax. The role involves the ability for you to receive television and melody .

A design flaw is perhaps less the inconsistency of the design slightly higher than DIN. The central part of the front panel displays a boat can cause the installation on certain vehicles is very difficult or impossible. In addition, the CD player and tuner of the screen is hiddenbehind the front which means that the front had slipped down to see the display. This leaves the panel presentations, projects that the Board of Directors, which makes them vulnerable to accidental knocks and damage.


Ultimately, I think this unit is worth buying if you could get him a lot. It has many options of exit / entry, a rare display of 2.5 "and a TV tuner coveted. This is a unit of a good entry level and even includes a remote control unit.The unit also has a score above the average power (60 watts maximum, 22 watts RMS), setting a bit better than most units on the map.

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