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Before I begin, I would say that I prefer to use a wired connection whenever possible. Mobile is subject to many sources of interference, especially in urban areas and some suburban areas where there are many different wireless signals can interfere. The interference can come from cellphones and cellphone towers. Even the wireless devices in the home of a close neighbor or apartment can cause interference.


I'll show you howconnect your PC to your TV wirelessly. The best camera I could find for the wireless transmission of audio to your stereo also includes a video card. The PC-4000 wireless Grandtec GWB television system has been designed to allow computer presentations, games and surfing the Web to professional displays in televisions or video projectors. The device is currently sold online for $ 149. (Cable connections can be made for under $ 30).

Grandtec offerswith all cables and connectors you need to connect your PC to your TV and stereo. It also includes manuals for setting up everything, but I'll talk about the process anyway.

Parameters: Safety First

Remember to turn off the computer, stereo and television to make this connection. Make sure the connection process is completed before activating any of these devices. There is little risk of injurybut your electronics are much more sensitive.

Setting: The Basics

The Grandtec GWB-4000 has two boxes. One connects to the output video and audio on your computer, and another box to connect to the audio and video input on your TV or stereo audio inputs of your home. If you have a home audio - video player in your home entertainment system, the box can be connectedtoo. Each box has its own power adapter.

As with all wireless devices work best when there is little obstruction between the transmitter and receiver. PRG-4000 has a range of 125 to 150 feet, but too many walls and heavy equipment directly between the two boxes will be reduced reception quality. I found microwave ovens and refrigerators are the largest interference. Try to imagine a line drawn between the two boxes and see ifdevices directly on the line. If so, try to place the boxes so that the imaginary line that is released as possible. Place both boxes so close to each other as possible.

Configuration: PC through

PRG-4000 is a kit box that connects to the back of the computer. Although the painting has a range of 100 feet to try to position so that there are few barriers between him and the box that connects to your TV.

As for the image on the right, whichConnect the PC audio forever (sound) cable in file-out Green Line connection to the back of your PC, and the other end of the cable to your mini stereo jack in the box.

If you connect to your TV, unplug the cable from your computer screen on the back of the computer, always set the VGA pass-through cable to the same connection on the PC. The other end is connected to the converter box analysis. ViewThere is a link that is in the pass-through cable to plug your PC monitor.

Connect the power adapter into the PC box and the wall outlet or power strip / surge protector.

Setup: The Far Side of the TV

The TV picture: The box that connects to the stereo or TV is connected to composite video (yellow). Connect the composite video cable supplied with the video to your TV or homevideo connection - alternate audio video receiver. They have an S-too. Use the S-video cable if you can think of no better quality.

There are red and white RCA (audio) splitter box audio oon. Connect the RCA cables supplied with the connection of proper color (red to red, white to white) and do the same with the audio available to all on your TV or stereo.

Some of these expensive stereo receivers moreTVs have multiple connections, and you can see the link labeled "Video 1" and "Video 2". If you use the PRG-4000 audio and video kit if it connects to "Video 1" to also use "Audio 1". numbers do not match or video will result in no sound or no video.

Like any

Turn on the computer and the stereo or television and followinstructions supplied with the kit to get the best sound and picture quality possible for your installation. There are several channels to transmit GWB-4000, and want to know what gives you the best results. Some urban areas may have more sources of interference. Also, do not have the volume to load on your TV or stereo, the levels of initial volume on a PC may be too high and can damage your audio from your TV or your stereo, so I always starta small volume before putting in place.

If you have problems, you can try to get in touch with a home theater in your area to help you.

Thanks To - Pioneer VSX-03TXH

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