Receiver and the subwoofer connection configuration

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A "do not want to talk about" subject to the owners of a home cinema is the receiver and the subwoofer filter settings.

One of the difficult things to do when buying a home theater set the
speakers and the menu for passing. Well, you first need to know everything
adjustment, simply make the adjustment in the receiving system
no subwoofer in the system as if it was the first time I first install
home theater, a waste of time.

Please do not forget to turn off the subwoofer before starting the installation and
to 80 Hz cutoff frequency.

When you install the receiver on your TV screen
question about the time you have a subwoofer and crossover to the operation
frequency of use (many people tell me their receptors is not
give them a choice of frequency, thathave the plant at 80 Hz which is
ok). like receptor pathway all the bass frequencies below 80 Hz
by making the subwoofer to the receiver.

Note: Before you begin, remember that if your receiver has 100 Hz and no other
election, you should use instead of 80 Hz, which is explained before, only
80 Hz position, because it is more common in most applications.

Well, I said, I recommendexperiment with all parameters, mix
and see which configuration best suits your room depending on size, can
select the setting for most speakers of the receiver (the principal) and
small parameters for the subwoofer and surround speakers, like this,
sounds at frequencies above 80 Hz will go to the front speakers and sounds
frequencies below 80 Hz will be the sub and surround sound
speakers.But remember, please be a boy! experiment with frequencies and
see what combination you like, because it is the scene of the house, your room and
Of course, your tastes, everyone is different so, please.

Note: Please do not understand what I say above, but remember that when I
say that if you put the subwoofer 80 Hz, what is its function and
It could become another rather than the sub for home theater.

WellGood luck.

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you know "

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