Sony Walkman MP3 Player Review

The Sony Walkman MP3 Player is an excellent alternative to the iPod everywhere. After traveling with this particular player (NWZ-S616F) in the past year I have come to prefer the Walkman to Apple reigns for several reasons (see below). If you are looking for a player to affordable, sustainable MP3/Video value is high, give this look. Features: - Plug and play. No need to install any software to transfer files to and from the drive - 320x240 on a screen of 1.8 (twoscreen in the new model) - plays MP3, WMA DRM and DRM-free audio files and MPEG-4 (the latest version also plays AAC-LC 3, L-PCM, AVC, and WMV) - excellent battery ready in 33 hours of audio or 8 hours of viewing video (the latest version is 45 hours of audio) - an FM radio with 30 presets - Cleanliness, design touch button lets you use the player without looking at the display things that need improvement: - I wish the headphone jack on the bottom left of the player (like iPod)rather than the top - model 8 GB of memory is the highest available (Note: A version of the Walkman that up to 16 GB, but strangely no FM radio feature.) Available on (new version, NW -E438F) 4GB $ 64.00 8GB $ 94.00 This video was shot with an Olympus 770SW.

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