Predicting the evolution of audio and video systems for cars is not easy

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Today, anyone can install a state of the art video system in their car without having to spend exorbitant sums, and portable audio and video equipment has become commonplace in cars and not too surprising given these systems. However, not long ago, say a little over ten years, the opportunity to watch a video screen displaying images inside a vehicle has been out of this world.

Lookingthe evolution of car audio - video industry since 1995, we can not marble to what extent these systems have been developed in just over 10 years, and we wonder where the technology will be supported in the next decade . In 1995, for example, car manufacturers about to discard the old tape deck players and begin to normalize CD. Today it is increasingly rare to see a car in the street with a CD of only 13 years oldThere was still considered the latest technology.

And shortly after the CD changing, MP3 players came, who were followed closely by video screens capable of some as the ability to display a limited number of graphics to accompany the music. Although these schemes, the time the state of technology dollars in competition.

Today, car audio systems are otherwise integrated with a range of skillsvisible and hidden, which are legacy systems antique look. resolution of the video screen today are much lighter and produce less glare, DVD playback and gaming capabilities are integrated, MP3 and iPod storage capacity and much more banal. receiver of the support unit is also becoming more standard. Not to mention the advent of digital systems such as XM and Sirius, and digitization of terrestrial airwaves.

Predicting the evolution ofCar audio and video technology is headed over the next 3 years should not be too difficult given that is independent of many technologies to what is mentioned in the preceding paragraph, shouting to the need to integrate into a unique and I think that's where we see the Alpine, JBL, Pioneer and systems of the head in the next 3 years. The hardest part I think is the prediction that the evolution of car audio systems and video will be in 10years from now. Stay with us.

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