Subwoofer Boxes

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In this article I will tell you the main reason for the use of a subwoofer to put in I will also make clear pen mysteries.

The first thing I want to talk about is the phase cancellation is a nightmare to manage. With a subwoofer low-frequency expected to be believed, what happens at low frequencies, that frequency omni-directional. Say that the frequency can not go in the direction which point the subwoofereverywhere.

The reason I put the subwoofer in the room because if you are not pregnant will not hear the bass frequency. The reason is the phase cancellation between the front and rear subwoofer, subwoofer enclosure around the elbows, these sound waves as the frequency is high. That will not happen very often due to high frequencies are very directional.

You can avoid this by placing phase cancellationthe subwoofer in a speaker. A deflector is cakes wood or other flat surface. The biggest is what to do with this speaker better to avoid phase cancellation occurs, if you're old enough, he may stop completely.

This is the real reason we use a compound, but not the only reason. The place is also used for reinforcing bass frequencies. We do this by placing a port in the chamber, it is used the energy generated inside the box to strengthen itsbefore the chamber.

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