Alert radio and electromagnetic radiation

Listen to the radio via the Internet / broadband with Wi-Fi or 3G led to increased exposure to electromagnetic fields, because the transmission is through a return path, so that the receiver also acts as a transmitter. But listening to the radio broadcast via FM or DAB / DAB + does not change the exposure that the receiver is passive and does not transmit. This video (low quality) is a simple demonstration of this using a device for measuring electromagnetic field and a mobile phone. The same radio station Colour3, is heard through various media: streaming using 3G/HSPA, Wi-Fi streaming, broadcast on FM and DAB digital transmission receiver, finally. The counter shows the power and uWatts/m2 also provide a power envelope of sound. The background field in my room is between a base station 1-4uWatts/m2 high-power GSM / UMTS approximately 80 meters and DECT, WiFi from my neighbors. Has not been shown yet on the possible adverse effects of electromagnetic exposure, but an increaseif you think or feel that there is indeed listening to the radio transmission network that uses the DAB / DAB +, FM or DVB avoid increased exposure. Another possibility is to use an Ethernet cable for transmission.

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