Bargain unexpected Sherwood RX-4109 Stereo Receiver

If you plan to buy a modern stereo receiver, here's one you should really look. Sherwood RX-4109 (or recently abandoned Best Buy Insignia NS-R2000) stereo receiver is one heck of a deal for the money (under $ 100 as of this writing). Despite their power are less optimistic, this receiver is able to obtain a sound good enough. Can be a little soft in the department in, but the screen adjustable / blankable, many decent entriesRemote control, phono input dedicated power supply and strong (heavy transformer Nice n ') makes this receiver worth a look long and hard if you're in the market for a stereo receiver. I would say it compares very well to match the offer of more money. The two mines came from eBay. One of them was new to the box. This was said to be "broken". If there is something wrong with this design, it would mean that the radiator has chosen Sherwood used for cooling the ultimate powertransistors. And an RDS decoder would have been nice to use alphanumeric entire screen. (There is a plugin for this card on the motherboard, like the European versions of the RX-4109 has an RDS decoder.) Sherwood has a huge OEM business and a long history. They do a lot of Pioneer stereo receivers of the day today and those of others. And, perhaps most surprising, I had the service literature for this unit after a few of them annoying and demanding. The RX-4105receiver is ...

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