FlySky TH9X FS-FS-R8B Transmitter + Receiver

The FS-TH9X is a transmitter FlySky Channel 9. It is sold under other brands such as Turnigy 9x, 9x Eurgle, 9x and IMAX. It has a digital display and a programmable transmitter with space for up to 8 different planes / helicopters / gliders. The transmitter has four digital trim a hole for the neck strap. You can switch between 1 and 2 by adjusting the settings menu and change some springs inside the device. The transmitter runs on double A batteries 8, but can notbe replaced by a rechargeable Li-Po. The transmitter has a trainer port that can double as a simulator of a connection via standard audio cable to your computer with PPJoy. I had some difficulties configuring my system, and when he found that the controls are slow and inefficient when working with a real flight 4.5. 8-channel receiver is light, but the sport of satellite antenna with previous versions. The receiver and transmitter came paired with, butattachment plug is included if you want to link to a transmitter. Overall I am satisfied with the issuer. Doing things for about $ 100 off of eBay, this is my first R / C transmitter, so I just go outside. The quad flight that responds quickly to my commands, without significant delay, and the battery lasts long enough. A disadvantage of this transmitter is the inability to deactivate the alarm. When programming the transmitter is best to take it outside where the noise...

Thanks To - Pioneer VSX-519V-K AV Receiver Onkyo TX-SR507 Receiver Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver

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