My audio system, quadraphonic sound

My audio system, quadraphonic sound ... (UP - left and right) - two of Sony (speaker system) - Floor Standing Model SS-E 100W (2x100W power) ... (Center) - Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-5560 (4x75W power) and Philips 22''LCD (220W) ... (Front left and right) - 2 Very (Surround) - bookself / satellite CB-410S (2x80W power) My Sony (speakers old 2002) are entry-level speakers and I can say that they are very good for the house has a deep bass and are perfect for over a quarter:). Ialmoust have 9 years ago, and there was no problem at all ... work as the first day I bought it. Because it is not the price, are really worth! Sony has always been a great product! I recommend them;). I have a Pioneer stereo receiver model SX-5560 Black (no money SX-750) for 9 years (but the model was introduced in 1976 and manufactured until 1977) and was 34 years ago) and I am totally satisfied, Pioneer works perfectly and has excellent performanceMade in Japan. I like:) ... Pioneer product offers a level of performance that can only be described as ~ A ~ W ~ E ~ S ~ O ~ M ~ ~ E ... If someone has a brand that you like or are looking to buy here until after I'm glad you like. Surround speakers are not as impressive Very, but it really works to music with surround Sony Thay have a good team ... but Sony does everything and just put the icing on the cake very''... It is important that I am pleased with them).FEET ...

Tags - Onkyo TX-SR876 Onkyo TX-SR806 AV Receiver

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